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Rodica Moroianu was born in Romania on 18 November 1970.


She is a Romanian-French former long distance runner who started running in early 1982 under coaches Andrei Natalia Marasescu and Dan Betini in Pitesti.​

Running Career:

​Rodica represented Romania in a few international events such as the Balkans Cross Country, finishing 3rd in the junior section. She also ran the World Cross Country Championship in Amorebietta in 1993 and the Ekiden Relay in Japan in 1993.

In 1997, she started running for France under coach Patrick Boucard's advice.  Her first national team selection was for the Francophone Games where she came 2nd in the 5 000m race.

She competed in the 6th edition of the IAAF World Cross Country Championship, the 1999 IAAF World Indoor Championship and the 2002 IAAF World Half Marathon.

She won a team bronze medal at the 2001 IAAF Cross Country in Ostand, Belgium.  She and her team also won in Japan and China for the Ekiden in 1993.

Her highest individual placing was 7th in the short XC of the 1988 edition in Marrakesh, Morocco.

She was twice a champion at the French Cross Country Championships winning the short race in 1998 and the long distance race in 2000.​


  • Rodica is a qualified sport trainer, specializing in Athletics.

  • ​She worked in France as a sport educator for the municipal office in the town of Meaux.

  • She currently helps with athlete fitness preparation at the Hendrick Ramaala Sports Foundation.

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