Hendrick Ramaala (Chairperson)

Hendrik Ramaala (born 2 February 1972) is a South African long-distance runner.

Ramaala holds the South African 10,000 m record of 27:29.94 which he set in Port Elizabeth on 22 February 1999.

He won the 2004 New York City Marathon and 2004 Mumbai Marathon. He also has two silver medals from the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships in 1998 and 1999. In 2006 he also won the men's Great North and South Runs He is a two-time national champion in the 5.000 metres.

Lesego Kgwebane (Director)

Lesego Kgwebane was born 09 October 1981.


She is currently a Manager: Communications and Stakeholder Relations at SABC

Lesego Kgwebane has over 7 years’ progressive expertise in application of PMBOK project management methodologies and processes for different sectors (Government, Private, Parastatal). She is a certified associate in Project Management.

Isaac Masilela (Director)

Isaac Masilela was born 27 June 1970.


He is currently a Service Coordinator (BAU Complex) Technology Enablement at Barclays Africa Group Limited.

Isaac is a 2:21 marathoner who has trained with Ramaala since 1997.

Rodica Moroianu (Secretary)

Rodica Moroianu was born in Romania on 18 November 1970.


She is a Romanian-French former long distance runner who started running in early 1982 under coaches Andrei Natalia Marasescu and Dan Betini in Pitesti.

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