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Big-Up to Tshepi and Kabelo. Our boys are improving  significantly.

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19 Oct 2019

It is not a secret that I am a critical coach. I think many people may not be aware how filled up with praises I am when I see athletes doing well. In this sport you do not get many opportunities. One race can elevate you whilst another can reduce you to the physiotherapist's be with injuries. So I tell athletes: "Seize the opportunity".

Tshepiso Khati

After doing battle at a number of local races searching for time, Tshepiso Khathi managed to take advantage of the flat and fast FNB Durbank 10k to clock 30:20, a PB of 18 seconds. I think he would have done way better, most probably under sub-30 minutes, had he had more experience participating in fast races such as this one. Tshepi has been with us for 15 months in which he managed to lower his 10k time from 35:29 minutes. With more focus and mental coaching, we definitely have a strong national athlete in Tshepi. He is surrounded by athletes in his daily training and this is a great motivator.

Kabelo Seboko

His story is a true testament of what a suitable training program can do to an athlete. Kabelo arrived at the foundation about 5 months ago with injuries and very low fitness levels. His focus and dedication to what we are trying to achieve helped improve his health, and later his performances. In the 5 months, Kabelo has gone on to win a bronze medal at the national XC champs and another at the 10k champs. Although a top 10 finish has eluded him at both FNB Jo'burg and Durbank 10k events (11th and 12th positions), he managed to deliver a 29 second PB on his 10k time in Durban clocking 28:48! This is the race he ran 29:19 a year before.

Besides the two guys we have seen PBs across the whole camp:

Cutman: 28:26 from 28:32 two years ago at CT Peace Run 10k.

Des: 28:48 from 29:01 which he had run 8 years ago!

Max: 29:14 from 30:26 the previous year at Sanlam Cape Town Peace Run (10k)

Which coach wouldn't be happy with such results?

I must emphasize though that I am not satisfied because there is great room for improvement with all our athletes. But to achieve these kind of results with limited resources and support is an amazing feet.

A big thank you to all our partners: Magnesium Cafe, 32Gi, NN Running Team, Impala Buchery and Impala Fruit & Veg.

Keep it up guys.

-Coach HR.

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